"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
—Kurt Cobain



Weclome to my little corner of the internet! It's unapologetically nerdy, liberal, and, perhaps most importantly, pink.

In the header you'll find links to my blog, projects, and other stuff I like. You may be interested in the Additional Sites page, which has links to my profiles on Github, AskUbuntu, Keybase, and others. My usernames of choice include:

Hopefully the quotes at the top of every page give some insight into my views with a little flair on the side. (Pretty sure the person I've quoted the most is Neil Degrasse Tyson).

In the footer you'll find a link to e-mail me, although you can also reach me on my personal e-mail server at laptopdude@jahschwa.com which is on a box affectionately dubbed ~grandline. There's also a quick shout-out to Jon for letting me host this for free (thanks!).

After a few hours agonizing over what to put on my home page, I gave up and wrote this. Deal with it and enjoy your stay :)


If you don't know what PGP is, just ignore all this stuff. If you do know, my key is available on keybase and the full fingerprint is:

60A7 73A8 DF2B 80EE B290  DF98 6920 BCE8 D08F 0764

And you can find my keybase proof for jahschwa.com here.

Signed Message

The following signed message is also available as intro.txt.



If you have PGP up and running, here's a nifty one-liner for linux:

wget -qO- https://jahschwa.com/id/intro.txt | gpg --verify